Together For Melksham
Together for Melksham
Together for Melksham

A Fresh Start - Together for Melksham

Together for Melksham is a new way of working for local politics in Melksham Town.

We’re not about parties or arguments or national issues. We field candidates from all backgrounds and with a range of different opinions. What unites us and enables us to work together is that we all care about one thing – what’s best for Melksham.
Together for Melksham will operate primarily at election times. It’s a way to enable truly independent candidates to stand – and win – in the local elections in Melksham. 

The councillors elected are then able to work without party political ideology to make the best decisions they can for the town without a ‘whip’ or formal leadership.

A new way of working for Melksham Town

Always Putting Melksham First
Committed to our town, not a political party
Putting People before Politics
Freedom to challenge or support decisions made by Wiltshire Council
Freedom to co-operate with other councillors

We are looking for people who care to join our candidate team for May 2021

If you are aged 18 or over and care about Melksham then you could be part of the Together for Melksham team for the May 2021 elections.

Being a Town Councillor can be a very rewarding experience and could involve you in a range of varied roles and responsibilities including:

  • Acting as a representative for residents living in your community
  • Participating in the governance, policy setting and strategic management of the Council
  • Helping decide how much the Town Council's services should cost
  • Responding to residents' enquiries and representations
  • Representing the Town Council on other bodies

If you would like to know more then please get in touch

Committee Room at Town Hall

Can you chip in to help us deliver A Fresh Start for Melksham?

We are not a political party and we don't have anyone to pay our bills for us. We don't believe the ability to pay should be a hurdle to standing for council but we still need to raise the cost of fighting the elections. Just £10 could help make a real difference for giving Melksham the Fresh Start it deserves.
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